Launching the page for The Ancient Game

I recently launched The Ancient Game page. You may have noticed that there is currently no downloadable build. I'll be releasing early demo builds of different parts of the game, periodically. My hope is to get a demo of the character creator out before August 2022. After that I would like a playable simulation of the Conflict System to be available before October. From there, I'll be focusing on getting the whole first Act (Ancient Carthage) into a playable Alpha build.

Thank you for your support. Please donate if you can, I would like to make the development of The Ancient Game my full-time job and I wish to build a Game Dev Studio around it. 

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Congratulations on the launch of the page, the first step is taken!

I see that it's a very ambitious project, it looks like an AAA, I love the concept and the mechanics that you plan to implement and it also seems from the images that you already have a prototype ready for testing, that's fantastic.

Keep us informed.

Good luck with the development!